Ecofriendly disposal



Disposal of used batteries

As a vendor selling batteries or devices using batteries, we are liable to inform you about the content of the battery law in Germany:

Used batteries must not be disposed in the general domestic waste. Consumers are liable to dispose batteries at a suitable collecting point at the shop or the council. The collection of these used batteries is free, you can even send the batteries back to us. Shipping fees apply.

Please send your used batteries to:

Industriestraße 50
D-55120 Mainz

Used batteries may contain pollutants or heavy metals which can harm the environment or your own health. In addition they contain valuable resources which can be recycled. The environment and Blubberhaus want to thank you in advance!

The litter bin means: Batteries must not be disposed in the domestic waste.


Pb Cd Hg

The signs below the litter bin mean:
Pb: battery contains lead
Cd: battery contains 
Hg: battery contains quicksilver


You can read all of these information in the accompanying documents of the delivery or in the manual of the respective device.

Please find more details about the battery law on the (German) website of the GRS: [].



Law of electrical appliances (ElektroG)

The symbol for the seperate collection of electrical devices is a crossed out litter bin on wheels. The disposal of these devices in the domestic waste is an illegal act due to the ElektroG law. As a consumer you are liable to dispose these devices at local collecting points at your council. The disposal at these collecting points is free.

You will find more information concerning the ElektroG at the federal ministry of environment (Germany) at []